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Beauty Makeup

Model: MNY2001
Drench your lips in sensuous, vivid colourApply the liquid lipstick with the applicator wand in the centre of your upper lip and follow along the contours of your mouthGlide the liquid lipstick applicator across the entire bottom lip. Drench your lips in sensuous, vivid colour Apply the liquid lipst..
Model: 1.2 shell
A fresh and light cushion compact that moisturizes and gives the skin a balanced complexion, protecting it from the sun...
AED49 AED207
NEW Edward Bess Fully Defined Brow Duo (# 02 Rich) 0.4g/0.014oz Womens Makeup
New -42 %
Model: 3000-01
A must-have item that reveals perfect brows in a flash One end is a brow pencil that delivers full coverage color to fill in sparse areas & shape the brows The other end features a pink-toned brightener to sculpt & lift the arch Enhances the brows yet remain natural-looking to frame the face Velvety..
AED70 AED121
Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss - # Amor - 5.9ml/0.2oz
New -48 %
Model: 0100-12
Offers vibrant glamorous color-Adds exceptional luster & moisture to lips-Provides an exclusive treatment that shields lips-Creates a full satiny & seductive poutProduct Line: Deep Shine Lip Gloss..
AED140 AED270
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